4 Reasons Why Summer House Selling Isn’t Ideal in ID

Are you thinking about selling your house this summer? If so, make sure you read this blog post right away because you may want to reconsider! Here are 4 reasons why summer house selling isn’t ideal in ID… If you’re thinking about selling your house, you might be wondering if summer is the best time … Continued

Navigating the Probate Process

The probate process helps heirs of an individual receive their estate after their death. When a family member dies, you must go through the probate process to distribute their estate among their remaining heirs. If you’re not sure what to expect of the probate process, these are a few things that will help you. Name … Continued

How to Sell Your House in a Hurry

When you’re selling your home, you want it to sell as quickly as possible. The sooner it’s sold, the sooner you’ll have one less house payment, and be free to move anywhere you’d like. To sell your home in a hurry, try these tips. Rethink Your Real Estate Options If time is of the essence, … Continued

5 Hot Summer Home Selling Tips in Boise

With summer coming up, sellers are wondering what’s the best way to sell their house in the summer and if there are tricks and tips they can use to sell this season. In this blog post, you’ll read 5 hot summer home selling tips in Boise… Summer will be here soon enough (or maybe by … Continued

Selling An Unsecured Promissory Note In ID?

If you’re in ID (especially Boise), when it comes to unsecured promissory notes, there are two things to keep in mind: Its current value and its future value.  If you are considering selling an unsecured promissory note in Boise, the first thing you need to do is determine its current value or market value (that … Continued

Can I Sell A Private Mortgage In ID?

There has never been a better time to sell a ID mortgage note or promissory note, so if you’re wondering “Can I sell a private mortgage in Boise ID?” the answer is: you absolutely can! Interest rates are very attractive right now but that could change at any moment, and interest rates could start climbing … Continued

A Direct Sale vs. Hiring an Agent When Selling Your House in Boise

Considering selling? You may be wondering about which is the better option, a direct sale vs. hiring an agent when selling your house in Boise. Life events can change your housing situation, at times despite your wishes. The time required until closing with each option is just as much of a consideration as the effect … Continued

I Want To Sell My Real Estate Note In Boise ID

“I want to sell my real estate note in Boise ID…Where do I start?” Holding a real estate note, private mortgage note, private promissory note or other paper real estate asset in ID can sometimes be a challenging proposition: They don’t always offer the highest returns, you collect your cash over a period of time, … Continued

Exploring All of Your Options When Selling Your House in Boise

It’s been said that selling your home can be more stressful than many other major life events. When you’re under duress and need to sell quickly, additional strain is added to the mix. We’ll help you by exploring your options when selling your house in Boise.  Exploring All of Your Options When Selling Your House … Continued

7 Documents You Need When Selling Your House in Boise

Need to sell your house in Boise? Things will move along much more swiftly and smoothly if you are prepared from the start by organizing all of your documents. Paperwork is a given during legal transactions and it’s no different when you’re selling your house in Boise. You’ll want to have the following 6 documents … Continued

5 Signs A Traditional Sale Isn’t Right For You in Boise

A traditional sale isn’t right for every house in Boise. Some houses and situations will find greater benefit by selling quickly and directly! Find out if it’s the right choice for you in our latest post! A direct sale isn’t always considered by Boise homeowners, however, it should be. With expensive commission costs and no … Continued

6 Owner Financing Tips For Sellers In Boise

If you’re thinking of selling your house using owner financing, make sure you read this blog post to learn the 6 owner financing tips for sellers in Boise… There are many ways to sell your house. You could list it on the market and see what sellers will pay. You could work with a real … Continued