It’s becoming increasingly popular to sell your home directly to a buyer. This type of home selling has many added benefits and increases the ease with which you can sell your home. If you don’t sell your home directly to the buyer, you run the risk of the following issues.


When you sell your home through a third party, the chance of miscommunication increases exponentially. With extra people and extra parties involved, things can easily become more complicated than they need to be. Think of the “telephone” game you played as a child. As the message traveled down the line, it became more and more convoluted until it was something completely different. When you sell directly to the buyer, everything is handled directly by you two. There are no extra communication channels where things can get messy.

Pay for Third Parties

Another downside to selling your home indirectly is that you have to pay for the help of any other parties involved. When you sell your home traditionally, the most notable example of this is your real estate agent. This individual helps you navigate through selling your home, and the long, complicated process that comes with selling indirectly. When your home eventually does sell, you’ll need to pay them 6% of your home’s final selling price as a commission. This is a lot of money to part with, especially if you’re relying on your full offer to pay off your mortgage. When you sell directly, you no longer have to pay for these services.

Longer Timeline

The final large issue you’ll likely face when selling your home indirectly is that the timeline is much more drawn out than it is when you sell directly. There’s never a guaranteed timeline for selling your home indirectly, so it can take months or even years for the sale to close. This instability with the timeline adds stress to you and makes the process more expensive. When you sell your home directly to a buyer, you can get through negotiations and other tasks much more quickly, and have a quick sale.

Selling your home directly to a buyer is the best way to ensure that selling your home goes as smoothly as possible. Selling indirectly allows for many more complications and issues. For an even more positive experience, consider selling to a home buying company. 

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