The probate process helps heirs of an individual receive their estate after their death. When a family member dies, you must go through the probate process to distribute their estate among their remaining heirs. If you’re not sure what to expect of the probate process, these are a few things that will help you.

Name an Executor of the Estate

The first step in the probate process is filing for probate so that an executor of the estate can be named. First, you’ll need to submit a copy of the death certificate and the individual’s will to the court. A legal representative will then review these documents and determine an executor of the estate. Sometimes, this individual is specifically named in the will. Other times, no one is named, and the task is presented to all the heirs to choose amongst themselves. Either way, an executor needs to be named. This individual is responsible for handling the estate until it can be sold. They are then given documents that allow them to legally act as manager of the estate in order to sell assets, pay bills, and more.

Take Inventory of the Assets

After an executor is appointed, you can begin the process of getting the home sold. A big portion of this process is to take inventory of the assets on the estate. On a small estate, this may be able to be done quite quickly. On larger estates, however, this could take several months. During this time, you have to file and keep track of every asset the individual owned at the time of death. You also need to find proof of ownership before you sell any of them. Selling assets can be done to pay off any remaining debts, or to help with the cost of burial. 

Sell the Property

After the other tasks have been completed, the executor can distribute the estate to the heirs. Sometimes, the home is given to one of the heirs. If the home wasn’t left to any of the heirs, the executor can sell the home. At this point, the executor may have spent months going through the probate process. If you’re named the executor of the estate, one great option to make the process go more smoothly is to sell your home for cash. Companies like Offer Now Idaho will give you a fair and honest cash offer for your home, and closes within a week. This is a great way to get the home sold quickly.

The probate process is a complicated and stressful process to go through, especially while grieving. To help the process go as smoothly as possible, follow the tips named here. Companies like Offer Now Idaho can help you get the estate sold quickly and fairly.

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