Selling your home can be a stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be. A cash home sale is one way to avoid the hassles and frustrations that often come with selling a house. To help you navigate the process, here is a breakdown of the steps of a cash home sale and how each step works. 

Initial Call

The first step in the cash home sale process is making an initial call to a company that specializes in this type of sale, like Offer Now Idaho. During this call, you will provide basic information about your home such as its address, size, condition, and any other relevant details. This information helps the company determine if they are able to purchase your property. It will also help them make an initial preliminary valuation of the property and help you see if it is something you might want to explore.

Home Valuation and Offer

Once the company has received your initial information they will then conduct their own assessment of your property. You can schedule this in-person visit at your convenience, even the very same week. During this assessment, they may inspect the outside of your home as well as take pictures or videos of the interior. This allows them to make an accurate valuation of your property and offer you a fair price for it based on their research.  After this in-person meeting, you will be given your official cash offer, with no obligation. 


After you have accepted their offer, all that’s left is for you to sign off on the paperwork closing the deal! Companies like Offer Now Idaho make sure this process goes quickly and smoothly by providing professionals that handle all the paperwork from start to finish. Once everything is signed off on, you will receive payment for your property in full at closing!  Best of all, you don’t have to pay any closing costs or agent commissions and fees when you sell for cash to a cash home-buying company. 

Cash home sales are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who want or need to sell their properties quickly without having to go through all the hassle associated with traditional methods like listing with real estate agents or putting out ads themselves. With cash home sales you can get an offer within days and close within weeks rather than months! If you’re looking for an easier way to sell your house fast then definitely consider taking advantage of this option!  It can help save time, money, and stress when it comes time to sell your property!

Are you ready to learn more about selling your home for cash in the Idaho area? Look no further than the expert team at Offer Now Idaho for your needs!