Selling your home for cash is the best way to get a fair offer quickly. However, if you’ve never looked into selling your home for cash, the process may seem confusing. This is a bit of what you can expect when selling your home for cash.


When you sell your home traditionally, one of the first steps is creating a listing. This is done by hiring a real estate agent to come take pictures of your home, and create a listing on a real estate website for individuals to see details about your home. That listing is how people let you know whether or not they’re interested in buying your home. When you sell your home for cash, however, the process is much more simple, and inexpensive. With a cash buyer, the only thing you need to do is fill out a form on their website to give them some information about you and your property. In this form, you’ll let them know about the condition of your home, property details, and any goals you have for the selling process. Not only are no professionals required to come photograph your home that you just spent hours cleaning, but the entire process can be done from your phone.

Selling Process

With a traditional real estate listing, the next step in the process is to show your home to any interested parties. This can be frustrating and time consuming, because you need to keep your home clean, and leave whenever a showing is taking place. You might have hundreds of showings before anyone puts in an offer, which means a lot of time and money has been wasted on all the showings that came before. With cash buyers, they will contact you directly after you’ve filled out the form on their website. Within a few weeks, they’ll have compiled enough information about your home to give you an offer that is fair and honest. No waiting, no showings, no repairs needed. Just an honest, cash offer.

Getting an Offer

When you receive an offer from a cash buyer, it’s still up to you on whether or not you want to take it. Cash offers are comparable to any offers you’ll get from traditional real estate agents, especially once their fees are deducted. If you choose to accept the cash offer, you can close on the sale of your home in as little as seven days. Traditionally, this process takes much longer because of things like inspections and loan applications. However, cash buyers can skip these tasks and give you your money in just a few days. 

Selling your home for cash is an increasingly valid method of real estate. Traditional real estate can be time consuming and expensive, and can leave you with an extra mortgage for months while you’re waiting for an offer. Selling your home for cash helps you get a comparable offer and close on the sale in as little as a month.

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